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The Standard PBs

These tails are usually tied two tone, sometimes three tone. They have matching hackles tied perfectly for a tail. Some popular colors are: green/florescent yellow, a superb weakfish color but most other gamefish will hit it. I wont go anywhere without a bunch of my grey/white combination. Tan/white is a great clear water color. Olive/white, with a 18 inch mylar strip on each side, is an excellent silverside imitation. There are too many other color combinations to list here. Contact me and I can tie whatever combo you want, all with the finest materials available. Tied with Mustad black nickel hooks on round head jigs. Available in 14, 38, 12, 58 and 34 ounce. other sizes and other heads available. Large 3-D eyes, heads and collars are coated with a flexable epoxy for durability.



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