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The Green Jay

The Green Jay was the bucktail that started it all. It's inception came after watching stripers blitz tinker mackerel. To this day it is one of my go to jigs that seem to work everywhere I go. I guess all gamefish, wherever they may be, know that young fish of the mackerel family are great to eat. Made with Mustad black nickel hooks, large 3-D eyes, the finest materials available, all finished by a tough epoxy coating. The most common sizes are 38, 12, 58 and 34 ounce. Other sizes are available.


The Brown Critter

The Brown Critter is my go to bonefish or permit jig. Designed to imitate a shrimp complete with eyes and antennae. The brown color is a good starting color. Try this lure first before trying others. On a recent trip in the florida keys we were casting for permit but found ourselves yanking these jigs away from the open mouthed charging tarpon. I ended up hooking five permit in two hours one afternoon, without a boat. The bonefish love it and the upright riding hook minimizes snags. Don't limit yourself or this lure to the fish listed. The Brown Critter will catch pretty much any fish that will eat a shrimp.


The Grey Baby Bunker

The Baby Bunker was made to imitate the peanut bunker of the northeast coast but will just as effectively imitate any other high profile batfish such as pinfish, pilchards or mojorras. Made with a grey back and white belly, it's the perfect shading for all baitfish. The most common sizes are 58 and 34 ounce with other sizes available.


The Anchovy

Tied to imitate the influx of bay anchovies that occurs on Long Island's east end and It does the job beautifully. I've found that it also mimics a lot of other baitfish. It'll handle most of your white baits, sardines, the northeast snappers, and of course the anchovy are all well represented by this bucktail. Tied with a grey back and white belly, peacock herl back and a white hackle tail. It's accentuated by a slight shading of pink added to the flanks. The right amount of pink shaded shimmerflash is tied over the belly and lower sides. Although the Anchovy is usually tied without it, this is a bucktail that looks great with a long white UV flash collar. Tied on a round head with 3-D eyes around Mustad black nickel hooks . The finest saddles and capes are used for the tails. The heads are coated with a tough flexible epoxy. The most common sizes are 38, 112, 58, and 34 ounce. Other sizes and head styles are available.


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