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Many excellent fishermen, when given the choice of selecting only one lure for all of their fishing, opt for the bucktail jig. It is perhaps the ultimate fish-catching tool, effective in a wide range of conditions and on virtually every species that swims. There is also a certain amount of satisfaction derived from catching fish on a lure that is dependent on your ability to impart the correct action.

Most bucktails currently on the market offer poor color selections and quality control is often lacking. Despite these shortcomings, these lures do catch fish, though there are times when fish ignore these offerings in favor of a more realistic presentation. One day back in the early eighties, I was on the jetty of a Long Island inlet and stripers were blitzing tinker mackerel. I tried the usual array of bucktails I carried in my bag at the time, but failed to draw even follow. I knew if I could "match the hatch" I would probably do better. That night I tied up several jigs that looked like mackerel and returned the next day with them. The fish devoured them, while other casters struggled to catch a fish or two. On other trips that year, the mackerel jigs consistently out produced all others.

I realized I had something here so I started tying bucktails to imitate other bait fish. That was more than 25 years ago and I've been fishing and fine tuning my jigs ever since, experimenting with different color patterns and styles for different species. These jigs really shine in clear water conditions. The best evidence of that is found in the gin clear water of the Florida Keys where these jigs consistently catch virtually every species that swim these waters without the addition of any bait, trailer or attractant. In fact, in the proper hands, they frequently outproduce live bait.

I personally hand-tie all Premium Bucktails Jigs. The feathers I use come from whole saddles or necks, which are considerably more expensive than strung hackles, but are necessary to get the uniformity and evenness required for tying the perfect bucktail. I'm also very picky about the hair I use. I normally select only 15 to 20 percent of the tails I look at, and out of these I separate them for the size tails I'll be tying. The large 3-D eyes used on the head also make a big difference in the effectiveness of these jigs as the fish definitely key in on them. Other features include the use of high quality, super sharp Black Nickel Mustard Hooks for superior penetration on most models; Flex-coat finish on the heads for extra durability; synthetic hackles and collars tied and cemented on.

Another great feature of these jigs is that no trailers or pork rind are required to make them effective. The rear hackles perfectly imitate the wagging tail of a bait fish and emit similar vibrations. These jigs have accounted for over 150 species of fish from the Striper Coast to the Florida Keys and Central America. Premium Bucktails are without a doubt the most effective fishing lure on the market, and now for the first time, they are available to the general public. Order yours now and fish with the best.

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