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The Jays

This jig is my universal go-to lure. I tied The Jays to imitate tinker mackeral for striped bass. I've found that by tinkering with the colors I can target the tie for better success with other species. In the clear tropic waters the tarpon snook and permit go more for the earth tone colors like greys and tans. I've probably tied a hundred different patterns but I'll put a short list of my favorites. They're tied on Mustad back nickel hooks. I use feathers from whole saddles and necks and the perfect tecture and size bucktail. The large 3-D eyes, collars and hand painted heads are coated with a flexable epoxy that resists chipping. The most common sizes are 38, 12, 58, and 34 ounce with other sizes available.


The Green and Blue Jays

These are the perfect imitation of many juvenile tuna species. The northeast stripers go nuts for them, especially in very clear water when other artificials won't work. They really shine when used on the offshore species. Mahi-Mahi rarely turn them down. I've caught many dolphin, including a 44lb dolphin on 6 pound test, using these jays. I've tested these in saltwater up and down the east coast and it has duped a variety of species.


The Natural Jays

The Natural Jays are one of my favorite bucktails for the clear waters of the florida keys. Most of the inshore gamefish there love these jigs, I kill when I target tarpon,snook or permit. The Permit go nuts when these jigs are tied with a root beer flash collar.


The Orange Jay

This is another color that has found it's own special area of use, This color jay really does well in the stained waters of florida bay, especially around Flamingo. It is also an excellent peacock bass lure in the smaller sizes. Grouper and Snapper also show a strong preference for this color.


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